Kill Loud YouTube Ads

Kill Loud YouTube Ads

I have always been neutral with regards to ads on the web.  They suck, but they’re also necessary.  The new ads from YouTube, however, have reached new levels of annoyance that I just had to do something about.

YouTube banner ads now start playing audio automatically.  Now, this in itself is annoying.  To make it worse, or even cruel, they don’t start playing the audio until 15 minutes *after* you’ve opened the page.  This means that long after you’ve switched tabs, started listening to music, or even left the room to make dinner, your computer will start blaring this annoying ad.  The obnoxiousness of this is appalling.

The solution is simple and I’m sure many, many have already done this.  Install Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox:

Or, if you use Safari, use Adblock for Safari which uses the same database as Adblock Plus:

This will prevent the problematic banners from even showing.  And now Google, and every other ad company, loses another set of eyeballs.

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