Dry Suit Cert

Dry Suit Cert

Monterey, CA

We attempted to get Advanced Open Water Certified this weekend but were unsuccessful.  The visibility was too low and we ended up having to cancel our night dive just when we reached the bottom.  On the positive side, we got dry suit certified at the same time so now our dive trips will be a lot warmer!  Unfortunately, Amy’s last dive was not all that warm since I forgot to zip up her dry suit all the way – lesson learned!

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  1. Hi Anthony.. Hi Amy

    I’ve only been scuba diving once but it was amazing. It was in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Ibiza about 12 years ago.

    Ibiza is a serious party island which was just as well coz I was a serious party animal.

    Now I’m just and old pussy!

    Good Luck guys with your next Advanced exam.


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